Stainless Steel Faucet with Integrated Fiber Sensors


Washbasin electronic mixing valve (surface mounted), with IR detection

Stainless steel AISI 304

Power supply with 110/240V adapter

Preset rate to 6 l/min (5 l/min with aerator – included)

Aluminum body with reinforced fastening with central rod and locked nut Ø 32 mm (thickness support 50 mm) / Flexible TAQ

Separate electronic case IP67

Dimensions : 175×140 mm (hxd), net weight : 7 kgtick2


  • Total hygiene : without any hands contact
  • Hygienic : periodic rinse cycle (1x24h) against water stagnation
  • Economical and Ecologic : very low water consumption (about – 50%) related to a classic tap (lower timing and rate)
  • Useful: Freely installation on all isolated post (without any electric installation) by means of the dynamo



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